“For years, I believed that by simply joining a gym and showing up a few times a week I’d be healthy and happy. Working out was a chore, but I belonged to a great (and expensive) gym. Everything would be alright. However, the reality was I barely went and I felt guilty. I didn’t feel good about myself. Then, I met Dave. First, he was my trainer at that pricey gym, but when he left, I followed. I followed because he was helping me to realize my true potential. Working out wasn’t about how many reps I could do or how far I ran. It was about overcoming fears and roadblocks I had thrown up through the years. It was about connecting with breath and movement. It was about honoring myself. I’m grateful for the physical, mental and emotional growth Dave has fostered throughout the time we’ve spent together. I look forward to continuing on the path.”

Tim Bruno


“Dave has been my trainer for over 4 years now. During this time I’ve found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the body. He integrates movement and exercise to promote good health and spirit. The other day I entered my session with Dave feeling jittery and anxious. Between the movements he asked me to do, and the breathing exercises he lead me in, I left feeling renewed and calm. This was an amazing feat! I appreciate Dave’s consideration of my body aches as he designs my workout for the day. He is considerate, thoughtful and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Dave Cash to any and all who would like to be in good mind, body, spirit, and shape. He is special.”

Susan D’Addario


“Lis and I, seniors feeling the march of time and realizing the need for renewed stretch and strength, and body wisdom, have found in Dave a most serendipitous partner in our bodywork efforts. From the outset, his visits became the first time we have looked forward to exercise not just as being good for us, but as interesting in itself. This is because Dave soon comes to understand, far better than we do, what our bodies are asking for that we by ourselves have trouble hearing, things that affect not only the local issue but connect the work with unanticipated ways we experience our selves. Always on the down-low and sensitive to our limits, Dave also knows how to coax expansive routines into our packed everyday schedules.”

Marty Washburn and Lis Harris